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In our continuing quest to coax better performance from email marketing, we've developed and refined some inspired new approaches and strategies.

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Creative ideas

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Creativity is a vital element to engineering a great re-engagement email. Whether it's confirming an unsubscribe or following up on a sleepy customer.

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Responsive email aims to react to user's actions and detect the device which the site is currently being viewed on, in order to provide the best user experience possible in terms of navigability and readability.

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Strategy & Analytics

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Our services

  • Consulting

    Whether consulting on specific challenges, such as email strategy or deliverability issues, or delivering comprehensive email marketing recommendations, our email marketing consultants cover the bases, providing…

  • Design & testing

    If you worry about how your email looks in all the different places it might be seen, We can help you. Good design for email requires…

  • Email deployment

    Our Email deployment specialist provide support to customers in the deployment of their email campaigns and related landing pages. Execute the process of email campaign deployment…

  • Reporting & analysis

    Reporting and analytics are the foundation of email marketing deliverables. You want to be able to review results quickly and easily or drill down to the…


Welcome to Alerta Social!
No matter what your email marketing needs are, We offers a complete portfolio of industry-leading services and technology to choose from.

AlertaSocial is a provider of integrated email marketing solutions for small & medium companies including ReadingWest, Timbageek, and Travelmarrakech. AlertaSocial combines agency services with world-class campaign execution on a proprietary technology platform to deliver superior marketing results for clients.

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Founded by Juan & Paul in August 2013 with the mission of helping small and medium businesses communicate more effectively with their customers through permission-based digital media. Our team represents expertise in a wide variety of backgrounds including Email marketing, Web design, Social Media, Analytics, Conversion tracking metrics.


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